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What are Air Purifiers?

What are Air Purifiers

Air purifier is a device that removes contaminants from the air and makes the air clean. The air purifier device improves the air quality of indoor air. 

This device is based on the absorption technique. It absorbs the contaminant air and then releases it into the room after filtering impurities. 

There may be many types of contamination present in the air, such as dust, powdery substance/pollen, pet fur/feathers, smoke, smog, and other many allergens substances. An air purifier can remove these impurities from the air and make them pure to breathe. 

Many air purifiers use high-efficiency filters to trap contaminants. Whereas many other air purifiers use ion techniques to neutralize air pollutants. 

  • What is an Air Purifier? – An air purifier is a device used to remove impurities from the air. 

How Air Purifier removes impurities?

There are many methods to remove contaminants from the air by using air purifiers. Some commonly used methods to remove impurities by an air purifier are described below.

  1. By using High-Efficiency Filter

In this technique, different types of high-efficiency filters are used to remove air pollutants. Commonly used filters are HEPA filters and MERV filters. Most air purifiers, specially made for home/room use these filters technique. This technique is harmless to the indoor environment and does not produce any harmful gases. 

  1. By using UV Radiation

This method uses ultraviolet lamps to sterilize the air. In this technique, the contaminated air is forced to pass through a UV lamp to sterilize and then filter the dead micro-organism. This is a good method to remove and kill germs, bacteria, and viruses. 

  1. By using Activated Carbon

Activated carbons are porous materials that trap small impurities from the air when passing through it. This method is used specially for removing odors, chemical emissions, fumes, tobacco smoke, and gases. 

  1. By using Ionizer

In this method, charged ions are used to remove airborne particles from the air. This method uses an electrical surface or injection to generate charged ions. These ions get attached to pollutants and collected by any plate collector. This method may release a little amount of ozone and harmful gases, in the limit of safety standards. 

  1. By using Ozone Generator

In this method, a significant amount of ozone gas (O3) is produced to clean the air. This method is not recommended for normal use at home. The ozone air purifying method is mostly used to remove odors after fire, smoke, flood, molds, and other types of musty smells. 

These were the five methods that are commonly used to remove air pollutants with help of air purifiers. There are also some other methods used to remove airborne particles, but they are rarely used methods. 

What are the Types of Air Purifiers?

According to the methods to remove air impurities, there are five commonly used air purifiers.

  1. HEPA Air Purifiers
  2. Ultraviolet Air Purifiers
  3. Activated Carbon Air Purifiers
  4. Ionizer Air Purifiers
  5. Ozone Generator Air Purifiers

These all air cleaner works on the above-given methods. 

So, here in this article, we got to know what are air purifiers, what air purifiers do, their types, and methods to remove air impurities. 

Those were the days when our nature was clean and the air was purely breathable. But now the outdoor atmosphere and even indoor air are not pure. By considering many factors, you must keep an air purifier.

There is more demand for air purifiers in the United States. According to an estimation, Air Purifier demand is increasing by around 9% per year in all States of America (average). This device may keep you and your family healthier, just costing some dollars. Health is ultimate Wealth.

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