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Does An Air Purifier Actually Work? {2023}

Do Air Purifiers Work

Most people who were breathing normally so far, still have doubts about a device Air Purifier that can help to breathe pure air at home and can help to relieve many other health-related issues. So, the question is, does an air purifier actually work

Getting good breathing air with an air purifier is possible, but what about other claims? Many air purifiers claim they can remove air allergens, viruses, and bacteria, help relieve asthma, and respiratory issues, and many more. Does their claim actually true, do air purifiers work?

Many studies indicate an air purifier help to improve air quality and so it can impact your health in a positive way. So, a short answer for working an air purifier is, “an air purifier actually works”

But, it depends!

Depends on what! It depends on what criteria you were looking for that the air purifier would help and what certain levels. Air purifiers boost indoor air quality, but at a certain level. 

Do Air Purifiers Work?

Studies by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) say, an Air Cleaners and Air Filters benefit health and remove pollutants and other irritants. According to EPA, air filters or air cleaner systems can help to improve indoor air quality.

Except for breathing does an air purifier actually work for other issues, like help in asthma, allergies, viruses, bacteria, respiratory issues, dust mites, pollen, pet dander/fur, and other air pollutants? 

Yes, it does! An air purifier work. But at a certain level! 

It depends on what you actually want from a specific air purifier to work for you and how you match your air purifier with your requirements.

So, how will you understand if this level matches your requirements? To understand this, we have to understand how does an air purifier work?

How does an Air Purifier work?

An air purifier is a device that removes air pollutants and contaminants from your home air. The simple process of working an air purifier by using a high-efficiency filter is:

  • It absorbs indoor air (a fan help to draw the air inside the device).
  • The filters inside the device will capture air with pollutants and contaminants. 
  • The pure air gets released into the room while pollutants and contaminants are get trapped in the device by filters. 
  • It continues the processing and you will continue to get fresh and pure air. 

This is the process of a filter air purifier. In which high-efficiency filters are used. In most air purifiers for homes, HEPA filters get used. HEPA filters with other combined filters and methods are the most effective ways to fresh indoor air. 

hepa filter particles

There are many other types of air purifiers that actually work on totally different processes and can give a little different output to a user. 

Below are some common other methods that get used in an air purifier are:

  • Ultraviolet radiation method of purifying,
  • Ionizer method of purifying,
  • Activated carbon method of purifying,
  • Ozone generator method of purifying, 
  • and more…

Air Purifier Benefits

A specific air purifier help to improve the air quality of your home and other indoor places. But for that specific air purifier, some factors matter, such as:

  • what types of air purifying methods they have used,
  • what they have targeted pollutants,
  • the clean air delivery rate (CADR),
  • environment pollution level, 
  • and more.

An air purifier provides a lot of benefits to improve your indoor air quality, home environment, and ultimately your health. In short, an air purifier:

  • refreshes and cleans indoor air,
  • reduce allergy,
  • good for asthma,
  • good for respiratory issues,
  • reduce odors and smells,
  • reduce stress and improve sleep,
  • trap pet hair and dander,
  • good for skin and airborne allergies,
  • and more…

An air purifier can give a lot of other benefits including the above list. In detail, you can check here: the benefits of air purifiers

Conclusion! does the air purifier actually work?

The air purifier is a device that uses filters and other proved methods to trap/kill some airborne particles and pollutants. It is being used by millions of people in many countries for years. So, definitely, an air purifier work. But, it depends, as a user what’s your requirement and how you match your requirement with them. 

  • A good air purifier can always improve your health and indoor environment at a certain level. 

You can check the best air purifiers in 2023. These best air purifiers will help you to improve your home/office/ and other indoor air quality while helping to capture airborne particles, contaminants, and allergens. 

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