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How long do Filters last in Air Purifiers?

Air Purifier Filter Life

If you have an air purifier or looking to purchase it or want to know more about it, you may have a question about how long filters last in an air purifier. Here in this article, we will explain how long filters last in an air purifier or what is the air purifier’s filter life. 

In an air purifier, the filters are the most important thing that will trap allergens and airborne particles. But air purifier filters have a lifespan of properly working and we need to change them after some time. 

There are many types of air purifiers and all have different filter life. For example, Carbon Filters last more than HEPA Filters

The life of an air purifier filter depends on many factors. Also, air purifiers have many filtration stages. Like, some air purifiers use a pre-filter before the main filter. These pre-filters trap large-size airborne particles. And so, the life of the main filter (HEPA filter/Carbon filter/and more) get increases. 

Below we have mentioned some factors on which an air purifier’s filters life can depend-

  1. how much time does your air purifier work per day,
  2. surrounding and indoor air quality,
  3. the fan speed of your air purifier,
  4. other used helping/pre-filter quality. 

There are also some filters in an air purifier which does not need to replace. They work for a lifetime. Usually, they are washable filters and once you wash them, they get cleaned properly and do not need replacement. 

Exact Life of an Air Purifier’s Filter

Knowing the actual exact life of any air purifier filter is not possible, because it depends on the factors mentioned above. But we can estimate its life considering how many hours it would work properly. 

Different air purifier companies/brand claims some working time for their filter. But those could not be fixed according to your’s situation. As it can be different for your surroundings. 

Usually, a normal quality-based HEPA filter last 3 to 6 months properly and hardly can last 12 months if used normally. Whereas, a high-quality activated carbon filter can last 6 to 12 months and more. 

When to replace air purifier filters?

If you have a question about, how to know when we exactly need to replace the air purifier filter? 

An air purifier provides refresh breathing air after absorbing pollutants and airborne particles. But after a few months, the air purifier does not provide the same result. 

The filter becomes clogged after using few months. If the filter is washable you can wash it and use it again. But if it is not washable, you have to replace it with a new filter. Usually, pre-filters are washable and HEPA filters are not washable. 

The best time to replace the filter is when you find the breathing air is not as refreshing as earlier used to be. Or when you observe the same air purifier taking more time to refresh indoor home air. Then it is the sign to replace the filter. 

When the filter becomes exhausted then it needs a high fan speed of the air purifier to provide refreshing breathing air. And thus it starts consuming high electricity. This is also a sign to change filters. 

So, here in this article, we get to know how long the air purifier filters last. And when to replace an air purifier filter. Hope this article would have helped you to find the answer. 

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